April 2, 2015

What Must I do To Improve Getting Found on The Internet?

It doesn’t matter whether your website is 7 years old, or it’s brand new, we all share the same difficulty in getting found on the Internet. The good news for small businesses is that you don’t have to have a $5,000 per month pay per click campaign budget to get found on the first page of a search.

The major hurdles for each of us to be found are are the same for all of us. No one is privy to Google, Ask, Bing, Yahoo or other search engine algorithms, so barring those secrets we must formulate a plan to be found. In this article I’ve offered you a glimpse at the 10,000 foot level for strategies to get found on the Internet.

It’s important to know that these are not the only strategies and there is much more to this story, but for brevity sake I just want to hit the high points for you.

1. Search engines crawling your site to rank it.

Typically 30-45 days after launch. This happens automatically. If your site is live, in 30-60 days the search engines will sweep your site to reevaluate it. You will know when this has occurred because each search engine will typically begin to list your pages under your website.

2. DMOZ (top ranked registry and directory)

I recommend registering your website, and as an added step, have your marketing department or your consultant add you to as many global directories as possible. Internet directories record your IP address and domain name for search for a fee, but are key to getting found.

3. Rank and authority.

Rank is the age of your website and authority is the number of pages indexed by search engines.Adding relevant content and pages help a lot, it is just organic and you can’t buy your way into these factors.

4. Website inbound/outbound links.

Critical to being found is linking your website. Creating these goes hand-in-hand with several of the other strategies.

5. Website tags (header, page, alt, meta etc.)

We need to install these to optimize your website.

6. Internet digital footprint.

Expanding links and sites that identify you, your website, your location and other details to help you get found.

7. Ad word/keyword/key phrase are the Internet billboards.

SEO experts will create these billboards to get searchers to click, and are commonly known as pay per click campaigns. A good campaign may well cost you a minimum of $2,500 per month and erects “signs” or billboards on the Internet to attract searchers who click on the ad and are taken to a landing page and/or your website to convert to clients, patients or customers.

8. Website Blog.

Developing relevant content and posting on your website is one the most effective ways to go viral on the Internet. Be sure to add links, allow consumers to subscribe to your blog, follow it and convert to clients, patients, or customers. Current day blogs have social media Follow icons and this makes it one of the most potent weapons in your website arsenal to be found.

9. Social Media Marketing.

This is where Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest and other social sites allow consumers and friends to interact with you and you staff, thereby, “pushing” them to your website to convert to clients, patients and customers. You must post and blog on these site, and connectivity or aggregating them is the key to using social media to help get you found in Internet search.

These summarize, for the biggest part, the well known strategies to increase your web presence and increase the chances you’ll be found on the Internet. Good luck, and in case you need our help, call us at 210-802-8949 for help.

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