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is your web design responsive?

For over 10 years now Hi Merit has been developing websites and bring cutting edge technology to the forefront of good design. We differ from most web design agencies out there by focusing on results rather than just a completed job.

Hi Merit focuses on Responsive web design for your website to make sure that it is accessible from mobile devices as well as desktops. Besides just looking good, having a website that responds to mobile devices increases your companies SEO tremendously. It used to be that this was just a recommended course of action, but as Google changes their algorithms to affect mobile sites, this is now a requirement. All of Hi Merit’s clients are built with responsive web design and the results in increased business has been great!


Hi quality, responsive designs for all browsers and mobile devices
Hi quality, responsive designs for all browsers and mobile devices


Hi Merit works hard to say ahead of the curve on internet marketing and web design to that our clients get the business they are looking for. We see daily mobile web browsing becoming more and more popular. And the results are that those businesses without responsive websites are loosing potential leads! With responsive web design, there isn’t a need for a mobile version or an app, your website would just automatically look good on the mobile device.

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