Pricing Services Sheet


Activity Description Cost/HR
SEO PPC Paid campaigns Cost + 15%
Direct mail All types of direct mail Cost + 15%
    DM Using your templates Cost + 12%
Writing, editing & publishing Road Map, and Marketing Plan $150.00
Programming              Java/Script, Perl, PHP, VB Script, ASP, API, Open Source     $139.00
Flash Programming / Design    Full screen, embedded animation, action scripting    $139.00
Developing policy Privacy policy, terms of use, social media policy, HIPPA, etc. $125.00
Project Management Organizing project and collecting / arranging content       $125.00
Aligning, writing, & publishing Management Control Plan and Action Plans $125.00
Public Relations Press releases, speeches, news media response $125.00
Reporting Data, insights and analytical collation and presentation $125.00
Web illustration  Hand drawing, character development collateral    $119.00
Collateral print design  Design and production (exclusive of production costs) $119.00
Website coding  Coding and layout of web pages in HTML , Joomla, XML, and HTML5          $110.00
Video production TV, cable or website video $110.00
Photographic production Photos, staging or other still photographic production $100.00
Web graphic design  Interface design, navigation design, scanning, logo, banners       $99.00
Copy writing Writing or editing text, posts and for blogs $99.00
Blog additional pages Adding pages to existing blog                      $99.00
Additional graphics Any additional Feature Graphics beyond agreement  $99.00
Event planning Trade shows, exhibits, and other public gatherings $99.00
Public appearance Trade shows, exhibits, council meetings, other  $99.00
SEO Links, tags, headers, listings, and directories $99.00
Social Media Marketing Sites, blogs, posts $99.00
Email marketing Blasts, nurturing, and segmentation using CRM $99.00
    Email marketing Using your templates $79.00
Web additional pages Adding website pages $89.00
Internet listing Locate and list client at listing sites $79.00
Internet screening Locate and if necessary, black list negative comments $79.00
Data entry Entering product descriptions, images, etc. $59.00