Hi Merit standard marketing, communication and public relations service rates (All rates exclusive of vendor, supplier, or company expense):


ACTIVITY                                              DESCRIPTION                                                                                                    




Strategic Planning                                      Road map, marketing plans, communication plans

($5,000.00  fee + expense)              (4 sessions, ½ day each) Meeting with/training executives


                ($2,500.00 fee)                                    Aligning, writing, & publishing Management Control Plan/Action Plans                 

                ($2,500.00 fee)                                    Development & coordination of unified communications plans              


                ($1,000.00 fee)                                    Telephone system, music on hold or staff scripting                                    


·          Websites                                                                            Business Starter – $500//month for 12 months

                                                     Estimate based upon complexities-launch a website at or above 50% of competition – $8,000 – $14,000

                Public Relations                         Press releases, speeches, news media response                      

                ($150.00 hr.)


·         Event planning                                    Trade shows, exhibits, and other public gatherings                    

                ($500.00 fee + $99.00 hr.)


·         Public appearance                             Meetings, groups, associations, government, other                                    

       ($99.00 hr. + expense)       


·         Media placement                                Radio, TV, Cable, Billboards, print, collateral, other

(12% above ad spend)


·                                Media Events                                       Interviews, speeches, coordination

              (150.00 hr/+ expense)


·                                Event marketing                                  Trade shows, council meetings, board meetings, other

               ($500.00 fee + expense + $99.00 hr for set up, attendance, tear down and finalize reports)


·                                Door-to-Door marketing                     Promotional item delivery, marketing, other

              ($99.00 hr. or ($80,000.00 per year per person)


·         Paid Search                                         Google Ad Words, landing pages, website redirect

               (15% above ad spend)

·         Corporate Logo Design                    Minimum $500 charge                                                                                      

                ($99.00 hr.)

  •  Web graphic design                Interface design, navigation design, scanning                                             

                ($150.00 hr.)


·         Programming                                     Java, JavaScript, Perl, PHP, VB Script, ASP, API, Open Source


       ($139.00 hr.)


·          Website assessment                        Research, assessment, metrics

($99.00 hr.)


·          Website testing                                  Validation of features, widgets, pug-ins, SEO, etc.

($99.00 hr.)


·         Web illustration                                  Hand drawing, character development collateral


       ($119.00 hr.)


·         Internet listing                                     Locate and list client at listing sites                                                                 

       ($79.00 hr.) 


·         Internet screening                              Locate and if necessary, black list negative comments                                             

       ($79.00 hr.)


·         Collateral print design                       Design and production (exclusive of production costs)                                              

       ($119.00 hr.)


·         Copy writing                                        

               ($99.00 hr.)                                           Writing or editing text, posts and for blogs    


               ($99.00 hr.)                                           Writing press releases and newsletters                                                                                         

               ($79.00 hr.)                                           Writing policies for privacy, website use, compliance, HIPPA, other


·         Project Management                        Organizing project and collecting / arranging content  

        ($65.00 hr.)


·         Flash Programming / Design           Full screen, embedded animation, action scripting


       ($139.00 hr.)


·         Web additional pages                       Adding website pages                                                                       

               ($89.00 hr.)

·         Blog additional pages                       Adding pages to existing blog                                                                   

       ($79.00 hr.)


·         Data Entry                                            Entering product descriptions, images, etc.                                  

               ($59.00 hr.)


·         Additional Graphics                           Any additional Feature Graphics beyond agreement                

               ($99.00 hr.)


·         SEO                                                      Search engine optimization (links, tags, & listings)                     

               ($79.00 hr.)


·         SMM                                                      Social media marketing (sites, blogs & posts)                                             

               ($79.00 hr.)


·         Email marketing                                 Email automation, or single blast, client contact management                


               ($99.00 hr.)                                          Blasts, nurturing, and segmentation using CRM

               ($99.00 hr.)                                          Contact programs, and loyalty programs using CRM                                                 

·                                 Video production                                TV, cable or website video                                                                               

               ($99.00 hr.)


·         Photographic production                   Photos, staging or other still photographic production                

               ($79.00 hr.)


·         Direct mail                                            All types of direct mail                                                                                       

               ($59.00 hr.)


·         Reporting                                              Data, insights and analytical collation and presentation                            

               ($125.00 hr.)