Responsive and Mobile Friendly Web Design in San Antonio

Are you reaching all of your customers? If you don’t have a responsive web design, you likely aren’t. Today’s consumer is increasingly browsing the web through the use of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. A responsive, mobile friendly web design will ensure that these consumers are able to connect with you wherever they are.

What is a Responsive Design?

A responsive design is a design that is functional and clean on any device the user connects with. Responsive designs immediately adapt–or respond–to the platform that the user is on so that they are offered a seamless experience regardless of where they are.

Responsive designs differ in many ways from the standard design of a website. Screens on mobile devices are smaller and consumers don’t have access to a keyboard and mouse. A responsive design needs to adapt to the smaller screen with a simpler format.

A solid responsive design may also take advantage of input that is unique to the device, such as swiping to the side, pinching and pulling. Many responsive designs are optimized extensively to load quickly, because consumers may be on limited data plans or slow connections.

Who is the Mobile Consumer?

The amount of consumers browsing on mobile devices has been steadily and drastically increasing for the past few years. Mobile consumers tend to be more likely to make purchases over the web compared to non-mobile consumers and often do a significant amount of comparison shopping. There is even a distinct subset of consumer who now only browses the web on mobile devices. Younger consumers tend to use mobile devices more often and are more likely to use their mobile devices exclusively.

Now that you know how important a responsive design is to your website, you can get started today. Contact us at San Antonio Website Design to get your responsive website up and running!