Real Estate

Commercial building projects can be expensive. It pays to hire the best consultant to manage architects, engineers, commissioning agents, GC and vendors.

If your anticipating a major commitment to a new site and building, then you should consider hiring Hi Merit at your earliest opportunity. We can provide value in coordinating site acquisition, financing options, plan development, peer reviews, collaboration, coordination and communication to get your project to the bid stage.

Once you have made a selection on your general contractor then schedules, critical path, subs and vendors become the focus.

Hi Merit can assume a consultive role, project manager role, quality manager role, or manage associated project elements like SWPPP. Our contribution and value pays for itself across the project by reducing RFIs and Submittals, and PCIs. When a PCI is required we’ll run interference for you and hold the lead architect accountable or the GC. If you approve changes then we can assist in budget, burn down and consumption tracking for the project.

Additionally, you can use Hi Merit to help manage payments from the architect team and the GC. We’ll coordinate with the signers and accounting and finance to get invoices paid or investigate and clear unpaid sub notices. Also, we can be the audit feature in the AIA contracts to hold everyone accountable to your budget.

Call us today to inquire about how Hi Merit can help you manage your real estate projects.