Optimizing Your Conversion Rates

Conversion rates are an incredibly important part of any online marketing campaign. You might know all about the hits you’re getting on your website, but have you been accurately measuring conversion? Conversion optimization is only one out of many of the valuable services we offer.

What is a Conversion Rate?

“Conversion” occurs when a user on a website does exactly what you want them to do. You might want your user to make a purchase, contact you directly or just fill out a simple survey. Your entire website should be geared towards conversion optimization–towards increasing the amount of users who come to your site and then do exactly what you want them to do.

Why is a Conversion Rate Important?

A conversion rate is actually more important than raw traffic. You can get 10,000 visitors a day, but if none of them are purchasing your product or service it won’t matter. If you’re getting a high volume of traffic but a low volume of conversion, it’s very likely that you’re not targeting your advertising campaign effectively. You could be getting in visitors who aren’t even in your area or not genuinely interested in your company. The higher your conversion rate is, the lower your customer acquisition cost will be; otherwise, you could potentially be spending money drawing users in who aren’t ever going to contribute to your revenue.

How Can You Increase Conversion Rates?

Increasing conversion rate is often done through calculated calls to action which explain to your user exactly what they should do and why. You increase conversion rates not only by channeling your users towards the action you want to take them but also by appropriately targeting the users who are most likely to convert; geographically targeted advertising campaigns are an excellent example of campaigns that are designed to draw in users who are already interested in conversion. Geographically targeted advertising campaigns are campaigns that specifically target those who are in your immediate region or in your service area.

At San Antonio Website Design, we have a multitude of techniques that we use to increase conversion rates. If you’re interested in creating a website design with high conversion, or want to know more about increasing your conversion rates, contact us today!