April 26, 2015

Now That I’ve Been Found in a Search, What’s Next? Calls To Action

If you have dedicated yourself to getting found on the Internet, or paid someone to do it for you and you finally reached the first page of Yahoo, Bing and Google, comprising over 90% of all searches what’s next?

How do you get these visitors at your website to go beyond the home page, and eventually become your new customer?

The answer lies in your page design and your call(s) to action. First, let’s discuss how your page is arranged. In the .com world simplicity and minimalism goes a long way in avoiding clutter and allowing the visitor to locate what they need on your site. In marketing we call it the “Rule of 3″. This simply means you offer a limited choice for selection. In a world where searchers want what they need now, putting obstacles in their way simply irritates most. What I mean by this is that if you want to highlight your location, hours and a map, then don’t hide them 2 clicks down, put them on your home page and give them what they want. If you’re a .org then the rules are pretty much the same, so make it easy for searchers to find the resources they desire. For non profits and retailers, the rules are slightly different and your page needs to promote an offer or discounts, or donate where people can see it, and it should be easy to buy or donate. [dt_quote type=”pullquote” layout=”left” font_size=”large” animation=”none” size=”3″]How do you get these visitors at your website to go beyond the home page, and eventually become your new customer?[/dt_quote] call to action, click throughFor calls to action, I see all kinds, and frankly all kinds work. There isn’t one red “easy” button that will convert 1,000 customers per day. They come in all shapes and sizes, but remember to keep it simple and make it prominent so it will take the searcher to exactly where they need to go. Here’s an example: a well known marketing company offers relevant content in the form of “how to” white papers, and you click on the link or button, and they ask you to provide some limited information on a landing page, and then send you the link to the reference material. Easy isn’t it! Remember, keep it simple and allow the searcher to achieve the desired results with as few of clicks as possible! If you want more information of what to do next after you’ve been found in a search, contact Hi Merit at 210-802-8949.

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