Marketing Website Design and Graphics

What is the main purpose of your website?

Lead generation? Traffic conversion? Informational? Data gathering? Donation driven?  Retailing products?

Websites are a marketing extension or strategy of your business model. Websites should represent your brand and focus on the purpose of the website. Many businesses invest a lot of time and money establishing their websites.  They can be very creative with eye-catching color graphics, full of information.   They tell what product or service is offered, where they are located, and sometimes even a brief bio about themselves and their staff.

One of the questions we most often get is, “why isn’t my website ranking on page one (1) of organic search?

The answer is pretty simple, the website needs to be registered with 4,000 Internet directories, it needs 100 inbound links, it needs to be constructed so that all the tags, headings, and other features are scripted into the website.


If your website purpose it attract new leads, this is to say that you get a new (unique) visitor at your home page, and they either click on your landing page and enter their contact information, contact you directly or buy something on your website, then you’ve taken a prospect and turned it into a lead.
A Lead Generation Website has many elements to attract prospects like:

  • A Call To Action
  • An Irresistible Offer
  • An Opt-In Capture Form
  • A Clear Message
  • An Easy Navigation Platform

What is a “Call to Action”?

A “Call to Action” directs the prospect to initiate some form of action.

  • Examples include: “Watch this free video”, “Give Us a Call At”, “Buy Now”, “Receive a Free Report”, “Get a Free Estimate Here”, and so on…

What is an Irresistible Offer

  • This is something that most people will not pass up. Examples are: “50% off today”, “Free Report on (relevant content)”, “Special discount”, “One Year Free”, and so on…

What is an Opt-In Capture Form

Current customers provide a rich source of free or inexpensive leads. Contact management is the part of your business that takes care of the customer through their life cycle after the sale. Email SPAM laws require email marketers to give an option to OPT OUT, so if you advise prospects and clients of your opt in opt out policy on your website, you create a business relationship.

What if you could “capture” the name, email and phone number of each person that visits your website? You can identify the IP address and reverse engineer the rest, but the key here is the relationship that you establish.

What is a Clear Message

  • Let’s call this your elevator pitch or your value statement engineered into your home page visible for everyone to see, and so simple that no one with a third grade education could misunderstand it.

Your message will be so clear, understandable and actionable that people will not leave your website until they’ve bought from you, called or emailed you directly or  filled out you landing page so you can contact them.

There is a marketing science built around messaging because the colors, the presentation, the pure simplicity and delivery platform and system all combine to keep the visitor engaged or they’ll leave your site. This is so important that even Google Analytics provides a “bounce rate” statistic for their users. Having a clear message is key to gaining customers.

What is an Easy Navigation Platform

  • Your site should have a navigation bar with simple and understandable headings so that when they click on the tab, it takes them directly to the content they desire and need.

Make it easy for your prospect to click-through your site. Marketers like to refer to the Rule of 3 so that everything is kept simple. Remember the most direct route between a visitor landing on your home page and then purchase or contact by you is the critical element of gaining a new customer.

What if you have an internet platform that is meant for clients only and not to generate new clients? There are many utility sites that allow clients to perform a certain function related to your business. These websites have a different function and we can discuss these offline some other time.

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