April 25, 2015

Is it Multi Channel or Omni Channel Marketing?

Today’s marketers need to be skilled in the full range of delivery models through various platforms and portals in order to maximize channel marketing, results and ROI.

As the photo depicts above, marketers used to rely on print and electronic media to derive results. In today’s marketplace, marketers have to content with email marketing, mobile marketing, loyalty marketing, advocacy marketing, social marketing and many other strategies in order to succeed.

This is a daunting task for marketers as the digital landscape changes daily. As an experienced marketer the “Stage & Gate” model was introduced as a marketing model to plan with the dynamics of today’s digital landscape in mind.


What is one to do? First, a good marketer subscribes and reads daily. Free whitepapers and digital publications abound. Newsletter, groups on Linkedin and Quora represent a fire house of information where time is your only limitation.

Learning and change are absolutes in the digital space. I’m reminded how easy media placement seems today compared to organizing a Facebook campaign. However, the one thing that I must keep in mind is that many young marketers may not have the experience I have creating collateral, or placing media, but they find the digital world as second nature, many having grown up this space and come equipped with some coding knowledge, which leaves looking like the amateur in the digital space.


The second thing to do is to network. Talking with others who manage marketing as their craft and profession can help immensely. Talk to everyone! You’ll find that everyone has value and if you ask them, they’ll probably be glad to share their experience, which will prove helpful.


Finally, find a mentor. Mentors are almost always someone older who is willing to devote some extra time to your well being. I give my time to charities and to the SBA’s SCORE small business start up regularly. I am typical for an older hut, so seek someone with experience to rely on. You both can benefit.

Staying up with a dynamic digital space isn’t east, but you can dedicate some time each day to perfecting your craft, talk with everyone (network) and seek a mentor to help you grow professionally and you’ll find omni channel marketing or multi channel marketing just a concept that you’ve mastered along the journey of life!

Best of luck in your future endeavors




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