March 28, 2015

Get started with affordable SEO with UpCity


Getting started in search engine optimization doesn’t have to be crazy expensive.  It can be a pretty daunting task for many small businesses but it doesn’t have to be.  So you have decided to get some action going on with your website, but where do you start?  That’s what UpCity is here for. Your affordable SEO tool!

What is UpCity?

UpCity is a pretty nifty piece of work.  It’s a step by step path to get started in the SEO and internet marketing game.  You don’t always have to invest hundreds or thousands of dollars to get started.  With just a minimal skin in the game of $39/mo you can see where you rank on up to 5 keywords, how many links you are getting to your site, your progress, how you compare to your competitors, and more.

Keyword Targeting

How does it work?

The setup is very easy! First answer a few questions about your business, industry, website and competitors, then on to step two.  Here’s where you can add your keywords that you want to track.  Just start by putting in up to six categories that your business may belong in, and UpCity will suggest you a list of keywords for you to track, each with the amount of monthly searches, where your site positions, how great the competition and the overall score of that keyword for how easy it can be to rank.  That’s it you’re ready to get started!

UpCity breaks down the tasks into 5 areas of focus:

Optimize your Presence

This is the basics of establishing and optimizing your businesses presence in the digital world.  UpCity will walk you through getting your website setup correctly, getting on the main social networks, and into the main directories.

Manage your Reputation

Here is where UpCity will guide you on how to get your customers, or clients involved.  The process is to make sure that your reputation stays in tact with reviews.  But it’s not just getting reviews, but where to get reviews and also getting endorsements.

Become an Authority

Now they will guide you on becoming an authority in your industry.  This is all about networking in social medias and developing a blog that people will read, follow, and respond to.  Search Engines are all about promoting businesses that provide and promote content that the consumer is looking for.

SEO Tasks


After you’ve increased your visibility and traffic to your site and networks, you can start focusing on your traffic.  You will learn some of the best practices on how to convert your traffic into new sales. This is how you will combine art and science in converting those visitors into leads, and into sales.

Retain and Grow

Getting in front of customers, and increasing traffic is all great.  Converting them to sales, is even better.  But it is equally important to continually stay in front of your customers.  By staying in front, you allow for repeat business and referrals.

Why we use UpCity

We use UpCity with many of our clients.  It really helps us stay on track with what we are doing for our clients.  We are able to get a nice progress report and even in a fun point system.  UpCity has a great reporting feature that shows us our overall “SEO Report Card”, our Keyword Ranking, Link Analysis, and Activity with how much work we are doing for each client.  Our clients can get started on their SEO with UpCity, and when they get fed up with the frustration of it all, want more quality, or run out of time, they can hand it over to us and we just take over where they left off.

Free 7 or 15 day Trial

Ok so, I know all of this sounds too good to be true, but if that’s how you’re feeling, I challenge you to try it out for a few days.  You’d be surprised by how much you can get down in a week, and if you don’t like it, get out.  But for $39/mo you can’t beat the monitoring, guidelines, and support.  Go ahead, give it a shot.

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