Innovative Marketing Strategies Aligned With Your Goals

At Hi Merit, we’re able to meet all your consulting, advertising, media, PR, and marketing needs. We are all about helping you achieve customer satisfaction through leadership & vision and drive profit, improved EBITDA line and return on investment.

We successfully develop enterprise-level road maps to help forecast over the horizon, ensuring survival and profit. Using project management tools and processes (OD, BPE, Lean 6-Sigma, and Agile) we strategically plan and tactically execute plans, policies and procedures to produce desired results. As part of this holistic or 360° plan, we combine integrated marketing, communications and public relations through all channels, as well as, align your business model with marketing strategies for maximum results.

We’re able to devise, research, and evaluate programs, campaigns and product success in order to propose pricing decisions that optimize volume, quality, frequency and production goals. Using Customer Lifecycle Management, Public Relations, advertising, digital marketing, social commerce, voice of the customer, mass customization, personalization, and traditional marketing strategies we increase brand awareness primarily for lead generation, conversion and client retention. We use state-of-the art analytics and listening tools for real-time customer interactions with immediate moderation.

We’ve been successful in establishing objectives that are threaded through the company vision and mission. This alignment allows each level of the organization to execute their part of the objectives. A Management Control Plan (MCP) accompanied by departmental action plans and scorecards hold everyone, at every level, accountable for delivery of goals. The results are higher margins through reduced pre-tax net expense, and top line growth.

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