May 1, 2015

Can buying a Backlink Service Harm my website ranking?

Backlink Services

There are many backlink services our there from “SEO Experts”, and most of them seem very affordable.  But can purchasing 10, 1000, or 1000 backlinks be good or can it actually harm your website ranking?  Most low end, low cost, SEO Experts that are offering a backlink service subscribe to a school of thought called Blackhat SEO.  This simply means that they are getting links from anywhere and everywhere they can get them.  The problem with that is that Google will find that using their algorithms and penalize.

Google Updates

Over the last year, Google has released updates Panda and Penguin to their search algorithms. Both of which, penalize websites that are unnaturally building backlinks.  This can mean…

  1. building links too quickly and at rate that doesn’t match with your website or industry history,
  2. building links from sites that aren’t related to your website or industry,
  3. building links with anchor text or keywords that are not natural to the content around them,
  4. or building links from already penalized directories or forums.

How do I get a good backlink?

Striving for backlinks isn’t really a bad thing, just make sure you do it right.  I should not that there isn’t really a secret formula for SEO’ing your website, and if there is, you can be sure Google is on top of it.  The main thing to remember when it comes to trying to better your website, is to be thinking of your audience.  So how can you get a good backlink?

Industry Related Backlink

One of the better ways to hunt for a good backlink is to follow those that are in your industry.  What are others talking about?  Learn their trends and habits. If you find some that are in your industry that seem particular popular or you enjoy their content, reach out and try and communicate with them.  This can be a prime source for a good link.  After you’ve developed some sort of relationship with the author of your favorite industry blog, you can comment on their posts.  Or, you can try and reach out for a guest article on their site.  If you do get an article on their site, be sure to be genuine and not self serving, or else you wont even get on their site.  Also, you can write a good article on your site and send a link to them.  That way, they may be more apt to return the favor.

Natural Backlink

Google would prefer a website never gets links to content themselves.  What that means is that it means more when others link to your site naturally because what you have to say is valuable or they like the content.  One way that Google tells is if the links are growing way to rapidly.  So if you are going to try and build your own links, do so slowly and consistently.  Try something like 1 or 2 links a day.  A good way to get people to link back to you, is to write great content that people want to read.

A High PR Backlink

Page Rank is another important variable of backlink building.  This is a 1 – 10 score that Google gives to a particular page based essentially on it’s popularity.  Think of good SEO like a popularity contest.  Getting a whole bunch of likes from the nerds doesn’t make you popular,  but you only need a few of the popular kids to like you and you’re in.  In the same manner, it’s not always the quantity of backlinks you get that matter, but rather the quality of the backlinks that come in.

Generate Excellent Content

You may have noticed by now that we are very keen on quality!! Quality Content, Quality links, quality strategy.  Probably the most important thing to take into account is the quality of your content.  Even if somehow you are able to trick google into ranking your website in the top 3 results, what good is going to do if the visitors that come to your website can’t stand to read it.  Do you think they are going to buy your product or service, just because your number 1 on Google?  Regardless, Google is all about providing the best result for what people are searching for, so write the best content, and Google will reward you to the top.

If all of this sounds daunting, make sure you hire a reputable and knowledgeable marketing or SEO company to help you out.  In fact, why not contact us for that?

Give us your input… Have you experienced some bad backlinks before?

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