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Business Continuity – the Key Technology Driver

broken chain

    Business continuity management  is made up of many parts, typically made part of the Disaster Preparedness Plan; so integrated change control is an opportunity waiting to happen in most companies, because business continuity drives business. Consider this common current day example. A business unit requests a change to an existing application to deliver […]

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People, Profit & Planet – A Road Map to Success in the digital age

People Profit Planet

Keywords: competition, digital, digital age, business, innovation, profit, net operating profit, information technology, personalization, employee satisfaction, people, planet. WHAT’S IN IT FOR THE COMPANY? What’s in it for businesses to conform to the new triple bottom line of people, profit, and the planet? Is this a better gauge than the standard profit and loss net […]

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Business Planning Yields EBITDA Results

Achieving success comes at the hand of proper planning.  Your business will succeed or fail based upon the planning accomplished today. At Hi Merit we work together with you to understand what gaps exists, and together formulate plans, schemes and implement strategies and improvements to grow the margins at the EBITDA line. If you’ve ever […]

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What Must I do to Grow My Business?

Caribbean Vacation Beach Hammock

Simple question, complex answer. In order to consider the factors that go into improving your business, you must first understand your business model, and how you stack up against your competition. Are you positioned as the low cost provider? If so, hold on for a rough ride. Are you positioned as the market gorilla, then […]

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