Rackspace joins the Digital Marketing World

Rackspace hosting, San Antonio\'s leading hosting company decided to join the digital marketing realm with the launch of their new product, Rackspace Digital. Now before you get all hot and bothered by it, they are still hosting and not an actual agency, but what's cool is that they are not just being generalists about cloud [...]

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4 Tips To Improve Your LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn Tips

LinkedIn is a social media networking site that is geared specifically towards business.  This provides opportunities to find like-minded people withing your industry to work with and increase sales by finding new customers.  It’s easy to mess up when it comes to social media marketing, so let’s look at a few tips to help you […]

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People, Profit & Planet – A Road Map to Success in the digital age

People Profit Planet

Keywords: competition, digital, digital age, business, innovation, profit, net operating profit, information technology, personalization, employee satisfaction, people, planet. WHAT’S IN IT FOR THE COMPANY? What’s in it for businesses to conform to the new triple bottom line of people, profit, and the planet? Is this a better gauge than the standard profit and loss net […]

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What’s Next in Social Media for Business?

The very fabric of your business needs to integrate and communicate through social media channels, but produce results. The what’s next part is about our ability to integrate social media marketing into the very fabric of our business. Social media marketing comprises about 20% of U.S. ad spend for 2012 and companies report they will […]

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Top 5 Social Media Predictions for 2014

crystal ball jpg

I don’t have to a crystal ball to see the social media channel unfolding before our very eyes in 2014, however, I offer up my vision of brand promotion and protection for 2014 with the Top 5 Social Media Predictions for 2014. The social media path was blazed and it continues to unfold across 2014 in […]

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Business is Facing Rapid Technological Change in the Market Place

Business is Facing Rapid Technological Change in the Market Place Dynamic market forces in technology are causing customer behaviors to change, resulting in business facing rapid technological change in the market place. Because the market place is in transition, what is your company supposed to do? Bricks and mortar and big boxes are failing in […]

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