April 21, 2015

A Lifetime of Interaction – Multi Channel Marketing

Multichannel Marketing

Companies are multi-channel, consumers are not.

It is a digital world where consumers are no longer “one and done”, but have become a lifetime of interaction. These interactions or touch points as they are also called are to be celebrated as reminders to business about how, when and where consumers want to conduct business. Companies are multi-channel, consumers are not; consumers simply expect you to deliver everything on every channel. That’s what we call multi channel marketing

Delivering a complete, satisfying transaction via facsimile is probably not possible, or a written letter probably won’t work either, but in the digital space, companies can offer consumers and their own clients end-to-end solutions, and deliver an exceptional experience across platforms such as ipad, iphone, droid, laptop or desktop, regardless of the browser. How is this possible you ask?

The international community has put together a free system or construct on how to open source and operate to standards on the Internet, proving collaborative work, transparency and cooperation across countries is entirely possible because the Internet now belongs to the world? That said, realize that there is still no one system that can conquer everything in your business for finances, HR, training, operations, etc.

No silver bullet.

While there is no “silver bullet”, it is possible to use disparate systems, including legacy systems to hobble together a series of tools that can monitor, learn and adjust to changing consumer interactions. If you are a large corporation and can afford a big data/artificial intelligence solution, good; but if you are a small to median sized business you likely can’t afford the AI/big data solution. The fix is to carefully think through your systems, as the consumer and client see them, then you adjust what you can to streamline, maximize ease of use, provide fewer clicks, faster transaction, easier to locate products and services, and answer the consumers’ need by channel and platform, or someone else will.

No longer is today’s consumer interaction about transactions. Today’s digital environment is about every contact, every behavior, and predictive modeling to understand when and where the customer will buy. One word of caution for all sized companies here: despite your desire to optimize expense, and many consumers desire to manage their affairs digitally, most consumers still want to interact with a human being. Did I say “CHAT”?

CHAT Example:

Consumer A is looking to buy product B. He/she goes online and chooses the highest ranked Google search site, and after clicking arrives on the landing page to begin the process of buying product B. During the process, Consumer A encounters some questions or problems – now what? Your systems combine to use CHAT and a customer service rep also is able to pull up the transaction number based upon what the system is telling Consumer A.

Problem solved. Rep finishes the transaction and saves the check-out basket from abandonment.

The key to the future.

jpg of a key

Your Key to the future.

The keys to the future for companies moving towards the digital solution should take note of social channels, combining analytics to establish clear segmentation, then use this data to laser target customers. Once acquired, these clients are gold. Develop analytics and contact management strategies to keep your clients engaged. An engaged client is a loyal client, and loyal clients stick around.

So, in closing the lifetime solution is possible in the digital world if follow simple steps understand your customers, and continue to improve your systems and people to meet changing consumer and client

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