May 3, 2015

10 Ways to Improve Your Company Blog

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Ever had a business owner ask you why their website wasn’t ranking on page 1 of  Google search? Try constructing an effective company website blog and integrating it with social media to gain rank and authority for your website because consistent posting over sporadic posting appears to be winning the consumer engagement battle.

Worthwhile content is one of the best ways to improve traffic to a blog. You also need to promote you website and blog to improve traffic – let people know it exists. Consumer engagement usually occurs when the blog writer entices the reader with catchy titles and teases the reader with bullets or pictures. It’s always a good idea to use open-ended questions to pique the reader’s thought processes.  

After you receive a comment on your blog be sure to reply and interact with those readers kind enough and interested enough to respond to your blog.

In today’s interactive age it is paramount that you integrate your blog across other media for maximum exposure. Nowadays it’s possible to blog and have a blog take on a life of its own – increasing the likelihood of showing up by search engines and occupying the search “real estate” on the Internet.

You’ll know you are blogging successfully when you get hundreds of website traffic to visit your blog, and hundreds more to comment. You should consider installing spam tools like ASKIMET to keep from being overwhelmed by professional “black hat” SEO specialists (spammers). However, you know you’ve achieved success by measuring your blog with two key indicators – traffic and reader engagement.

There are numerous ways to promote a blog.  Try linking your blog to emails and correspondence or press releases. Here are 10 more suggested ways to improve traffic and engage with readers:

  1. blog-peopleIntriguing headlines
  2. Interesting images 
  3. Use short “list” posts when possible  – a “Top 5” or “Top 10”
  4. Be the “source of the source” – include interviews or remarks from 3rd parties
  5. Use news sharing (Reddit, StumbleUpon, Digg, etc.) to share blogs
  6. Use social networks such as Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Twitter, to share blogs
  7. Include your blog posts in email marketing campaigns
  8. Comment on other people’s blogs, and leave a URL to follow back to your blog
  9. Provide an really simple syndication device (RSS) to subscribe by email to your blog
  10. Invite other guest bloggers

Bottom line for all of us to engage consumers and convert them on your website is provide relevant content, reply to comments and syndicate the blog to keep the conversation going.

If you need help with perfecting the company blog, contact Hi Merit, 210-802-8949.

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